Teresa Morales-Howell – Principal

Teresa is an experienced government relations and grant management professional. She specializes in disaster recovery with an expertise in CDBG-DR housing recovery. She is a skilled technical writer and program planner familiar with federal and state-level regulation.  Her most recent program planning experience crosses state lines supporting the development of the Texas Direct Housing Assistance Playbook (FEMA), the $1.5 billion Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Recovery Action Plan, the $64 million South Carolina 2015 Flood Recovery Action Plan, the $66 million City of Houston 2016 Flood Recovery Action Plan, and major amendment to the Colorado 2013 Floods and Wildfires Action Plan.

Teresa also has experience in business development having led and supported more than 50 proposals for multi-million and billion dollar projects. She utilizes her experience with grant administration and deep knowledge of program requirements and procurement to build winning proposals.

Cimagaroon Howell – Principal

Cim Howell is a project management professional skilled in the management and implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects as part of a multi-billion dollar disaster recovery program. He is an expert in navigating environmental, political, staffing, and design complexities to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. He is skilled at the design and development of enterprise solutions to streamline program implementation and reduce administrative expenditures.

Cim has also managed or developed Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and United States Army Corps of Engineers National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning and environmental documentation.

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Cathy Howell – Principal

Cathy Howell has more than 35 years of graphic design, marketing, fine art and photography experience. You, as a client of Carbon 12 will find her extensive arsenal of talent and passion for surpassing clients expectations a pleasant change from the typical consultant machines.

Cathy Howell is project manager, graphic artist, marketing director, and has created hundreds of maps, brochures, reports, proposals, and logos.

Over the years she has created and implemented graphics and curricula to meet the needs and varied learning styles for primary, secondary and college level classes for gifted to challenged students in Texas, Wyoming and Oregon. With these experiences, she is able to translate complex issues such as transportation and community development into graphic representations and concepts the public can understand.  She has formulated and facilitated special events around the state including branding for public/private entities and political campaigns, press packets and coordination of various media companies to promote current issues.

In working with Texas counties and the Texas Department of Transportation since 1999, Cathy has worked with engineers and community leaders to create brochures, maps and exhibits to clarify future road and park bond projects along with state, county, and city transportation connectivity concerns. Through photographic manipulations of existing situations, future possibilities can become a virtual visual reality for a clearer understanding of impact to the environment and communities. In order to meet the multi-layered needs of the clients of Diverse Planning & Development, Cathy utilizes and incorporates multiple file formats to design materials that are camera ready for service bureaus, formatted for web design and electronic presentations.

Ms. Howell has a degree in fine arts specializing in communication design from Texas State University


Susan Lahey – Senior Writer

Susan Lahey is an experienced journalist, content writer, and technical writer whose expertise includes technology, business, and sustainability. In addition to writing for myriad publications, she has worked with both federal and state organizations on issues such as community revitalization, pollution remediation from mining operations, and sustainable building.

Susan is an integral member of the Carbon 12 business development team. As an experienced writer, she has the unrivaled ability to convert complex bureaucratic concepts to dynamic content appealing to the general public.


Moon Reece

Moon Reece brings Carbon 12 innovative graphic driven design and web based solutions.  She creates project marketing and information collateral.

Moon has over 18 years experience in Graphic Design as well as 20 years experience in 2 and 3 dimensional fine art.  Moon’s talents have created dynamic advertising, graphic design, product identity, and marketing packages.

Moon has produced art for presentations, documents and events, which included: City and County documents; and invitation and thematic design for special celebrations and political events and fundraising. One of her favorite illustrations to create for you is a family tree.  This combines her love of family history and watercolor. Taking the commonplace and making it special, bringing a warm and interesting impression to a dull subject, retrieving damaged images and making them clear and familiar, are some of her special talents. Her work fits the old adage, “silk purse from a sow’s ear”.