Project Management

Project Management Services to provide clients with projects delivered on time, within budget, while meeting or exceeding client expectations.


Project Management Example Experience:

Rollover1Project Manager for the Rollover Recreational Area

The proposed Rollover Recreational Area is located along the narrowest part of the Bolivar Peninsula, within the community of Gilchrist, Galveston County, approximately 19 miles from Port Bolivar. The proposed pier and associated facilities are on the south side of SH 87. Land side amenities occur between SH 87 and the Gulf of Mexico’s average mean high tide. Only the proposed pier structure extends beyond the average mean high tide. The proposed site amenities include the reconstruction of Bauer Street to the west and extend to the eastern edge of what was previously known as Rollover Pass.

The proposed pier is approximately 1,000 feet long and 20 feet wide. The proposed pier landing is to the west side of the former Rollover Pass site, behind its old bulkheads so as to avoid any settling that may occur in the fill area since closure. The pier will angle to the south, for approximately 760 feet, as it extends into the Gulf and terminates with a T-head configuration in approximately 7.5 feet of water. This design modification was made to accommodate the surfing community. The proposed pier is constructed of concrete (substructure and superstructure) with a wooden deck. In the angled segment of the pier, two fish cleaning stations and seven pairs of recycled plastic park benches are spaced evenly. Each fish cleaning station will be comprised of two fish cleaning tables, two trash receptacles and a hose bib. Four LED lights (trout lights) are aimed parallel to the shore to improve fishing along the pier.

Rollover2Project Management Highlights:
  • Design fee for Rollover Recreational Area was originally under estimated. After accepting duties as project manager for the Rollover Recreational Area Project Mr. Howell coordinated with Texas General Land Office staff to procure a fee supplemental addressing budget shortfalls.
  • Provided guidance to Texas General Land Office, HNTB, and USACE staff to expedite permitting and environmental approval.
  • To expedite property acquisition, Mr. Howell coordinated with Galveston County Commissioners and Staff to identify available funding for a bay side park project funded with HUD CDBG-DR dollars.
  • While coordinating with Galveston County Commissioners and Staff, Mr. Howell identified and addressed a want by the County for a Dock and Recreational Facility off cite from the Rollover Recreational area by identifying available funding for the above-mentioned facilities.